CaminoLB Spain

Day 1: Saturday 31st March
Aviles to Muros de Nalon 22.6km

The stage between Avilés to Muros de Nalón is not very difficult and also not very long, you will have to walk 22.6 km and you probably need less then 6 hours to complete it. There are some bigger towns on the way and the landscape is beautiful.

Day 2: Sunday 1st April (Easter Sunday)
Muros de Nalon to Soto de Luina 16km

This will be a very pleasant day for pilgrims as the way from Muros de Nalón to Soto de Luiña is not only beautiful but also short and easy to make. You only have to walk 16 km and you need no more the 4 hours to walk to complete this distance so make sure you enjoy the scenery and the few stops on the way.

Day 3: Monday 2nd April
Soto de Luiña to Cadavedo 23km

Going from Soto de Luiña to Cadavedo will be not very difficult and will be beautiful because of the nature and landscapes. There are 23 km to make and most pilgrims are walking this distance in less than 6 hours. You will have some stops on the way, mostly villages and small towns.

Day 4: Tuesday 3rd April
Cadavedo to Luarca 16kms

Today it is an easy stage to walk, the distance from Cadavedo to Luarca is only 16 km and it should take about 4 hours. The landscape is beautiful and you will pass mainly though villages or small towns.

Day 5: Wednesday 4th April
Luarca to La Caridad 30km

The distance from Luarca to La Caridad is quite long therefore this stage is more difficult. This can take about 7.5 hours to complete and you will pass though many villages and towns on the way, Navia being the biggest one. You can get a train for all or part of this route if you prefer not to walk this far.

Day 6: Thursday 5th April
La Caridad to Ribadeo 21.6 km

This is one of the easiest stages of the camino. The distance to walk is 21.6 km and you probably need a bit more than 5 hours to complete it passing mostly through villages on the way.

Day 7: Friday 6th April
Ribadeo to Lourenzá 28.4 km

This stage is quite long and difficult but also very beautiful with superb nature to enjoy. You will have to walk 28.4 km from Ribadeo to Lourenzá which could take you about 7 hours and most of the stops on the way are villages.

Day 8: Saturday 7th April
Lourenzá to Gontán 25 km

The way from Lourenzá to Gontán continues with beautiful landscapes and it will be easier than the previous day. It is 25 km and is going to take you about 6 hours. There are not so many stops on the way and the biggest town, Mondoñedo is about 8.2 km away from Lourenzá.

Day 9: Sunday 8th April
Gontán to Vilalba 20.7 km

This stage is again one of the easiest and enjoyable for pilgrims. There is no big town on the way, only a couple of villages, the nature is beautiful and the distance from Gontán to Vilalba is only 20.7 km which can be done in about 5 hours.

Day 10: Monday 9th April
Vilalba to Baamonde 18 km

There is a short distance to walk from Vilalba to Baamonde, only 18.6 km which you can make in less than 5 hours. The stage is also very interesting with great scenery passing through only a couple of villages.

Day 11: Tuesday 10th April
Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes 41.2 km

The stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes is one of the longest and most difficult to make, it will take a bit more than 10 hours to walk this distance (41.2 km). There are plenty of villages on the way but no big town and the scenery is quite amazing. There is a bus route and #CaminoLB cars available between these two towns if you prefer to skip some or all of this day.

Day 12: Wednesday 11th April
Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa 19.3 km

This is the last stage of the Camino del Norte, going from Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa where you can join the Camino Frances going from Arzúa to Santiago de Compostela.
This is going to be an easy day with only 19.3 km to walk and it will take you about 4 hours and a half to complete, passing though many villages.

Day 13: Thursday 12th April
Arzúa to O Pedrouzo 18 km

This step is a comfortable stage of 18 kilometres and a smooth layout. One of the few drawbacks faced by pilgrims is a need to cross, several times over a main road without the aid of a pedestrian crossing. All of which occurs in the second half of the stage. On this stage the pilgrims will pass through quiet forest tracks and small linking villages and hamlets.

Day 14: Friday 13th April
O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela 21 km

This easy stage has moderate slopes, but urban development makes this walk into Santiago less attractive. This final stage passes through leafy tracks that have limited services/bars. It goes through Lavacolla, where the pilgrims of old stopped to wash their bodies from head to toe in order to arrive in Santiago clean, and through Monte do Gozo, a small hill from which the still distant towers of the cathedral can be seen, gradually the approaching the end along this last urban route.

Day 15: Saturday 14th April
Santiago de Compostela #JusticeforLB celebration

Everyday a mass is held for pilgrims in the catherdral at 12pm where they swing a huge brass ball of incense above pilgrims. We will also arrange a meal and celebration on this evening.